Chas hurts Diane – and Diane strikes back! (VIDEO)

Poor Diane! She’s treated Chas like a daughter and how is she repaid? In true Dingle style…with lies and betrayal. Diane is struggling to believe that Cameron burgled The Woolpack – and then she hears that he didn’t (but he did, really). Desperate to get Cain off Cameron’s back, Chas tells him she did the crime – and Diane overhears. Cain doesn’t believe his sister, but Diane does and tells Chas they’re finished. No more friendship, no more catty chatting over the beer pumps, no more business partnership. Diane says she’ll keep quiet for Dan and Debbie’s sake, but after Chas’s wedding Chas is out (which will give Diane, Ashley and Gabby a lot more room!)

Charity’s been working on getting Jimmy out of Emmerdale Haulage with an offer to buy his share. But she’s been working on the wrong brother… Carl gets her all excited by offering her first refusal on his share of the business. Refusal? Not a chance. Charity’s not a girl who says ‘no’ very often.

The only things Kerry’s ever likely to have said ‘no’ to are offers of work and requests to quit smoking and drinking. Kerry’s feeling much better after her latest self-inflicted hospital stay and she has reverted to being a lazy slapper. And Val is ready to slap her!