Chas is hauled into the station for questioning about Tom’s murder.

Ashley has serious reservations about the wisdom of Jasmine sending her sensationalised essay about Tom’s murder into the Hotten Courier. But Jasmine meets up with Courier journalist McNally to show him her article and he’s tempted by her inside knowledge of the village. McNally agrees to take on Jasmine for work experience as long as she feeds him the snippets she finds out about the murder case.

Kelly is miserable when Jimmy rejects her declaration of love and she decides to leave the village. Paul tells Jimmy that Kelly was genuine about her feelings for him, but Jimmy is convinced that Kelly was only remorseful because she was caught in the act. A sorry Paul prepares to wave goodbye to Kelly, but Jimmy turns up at the last minute and agrees to take back a delighted Kelly.

Lisa and Zak have agreed to let Belle see the educational psychologist, but Belle worries about having to do the tests. Belle’s anxieties are laid to rest when she flies through the test with ease and it’s obvious that Belle is a very intelligent young girl.