Paddy visits Gennie to apologise for abandoning her at the party, but he ends up blurting out that he’s in love with Chas. Gennie is furious as she realises that Chas deliberately palmed her off on Paddy. After another confrontation between Paddy and Marlon in The Woolpack, news gets out about Paddy’s unrequited love. Chas decides to talk to Paddy, but when she realises just how into her he is she kisses him – then flees, mortified.

Natasha wants Mark to speak to Maisie about her marriage. Mark takes Maisie for a walk and is supportive when Maisie insists her marriage is over. Meanwhile, Natasha is trying to convince Nathan to change Maisie’s mind and go back to her hubby Tristan. Maisie finds Andy in the pub and flirts with him, but Mark warns him off. Later, Natasha secretly calls Tristan.

Marlon thinks that a missing Eli has gone to look for Danielle, but he’s worried when Aaron goes to Danielle’s for him and neither Danielle nor Eli have been seen. Marlon later notices a light in the cricket pavilion and he is relieved to find his brother. Marlon promises to help him make things all right for Debbie if he comes home.

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