OMG! Carl really should have listened to Jimmy when he told him to bin dirty flirty Eve before Chas found out. Now he’s left it too late. Eve decides she doesn’t mind being ‘the other woman’ and weak-willed Carl happily jumps into bed with her at Mill Cottage. They both quickly jump back out of bed when Chas comes home and Eve escapes out the back door. But she’s forgotten something: her bra. It’s on the bedroom floor, where Charity sees it when she’s helping Chas get ready for a night out. She teases Chas about getting afternoon delight, but stops laughing when it becomes clear that Chas wants to know who has been sleeping in her bed!

Viv wants to know who’s been at her till. While she’s taking care of business in the cafe someone helps themselves to cash from the shop, leaving Viv shaken – and stirred up enough to turn to Bob for support.

Val no longer thinks she needs help getting rid of rats at the B&B. She’s convinced that what’s going bump in the night is a ghost – and she’s determined to exploit the spooky spook for all it’s worth.

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