Carl’s not going to be able to talk himself out of this one. Chas is devastated to have found proof that he’s having an affair (or is wearing women’s underwear – that’s almost preferable but, sadly, not true) and it doesn’t take her long to find out who his other woman is. The bra she’s found came from Gennie’s lingerie party and she easily tricks her sister into revealing who bought it. Right! Carl’s a dead man walking and Eve’s going to go down with him. The only things Chas needs to decide is when and how she’ll get her revenge.

Is Viv scheming, too? She seems to enjoying Bob’s attention as he comforts her after the robbery in the shop and gets him to stay the night – just to protect the twins, you understand. And she can’t let go when Bob wants to go to the pub with Hazel.So the big question is – is Viv scared or jealous?

There’s absolutely no doubt how Adam feels about his junkie sister Holly. He’s disgusted with her and makes sure she knows it when he has to take her to the methadone clinic. But is he being too hard on her?

*Second episode*

Hell hath no fury like Chas Dingle now she knows Carl and dirty flirty Eve have been sleeping together. She wants to lash out, but Charity is thinking more clearly and talks her into biting her tongue and keeping her fists to herself while she comes up with a plan to make them both pay in ways they could never imagine. Ooooh, this is going to be good!

Adam thinks Holly still needs to be taught a lesson and forces her to visit Jackson in hospital, thinking she’ll realise how lucky she is. But she’s so doped up on methadone all she knows is that she needs a wee. That’s when Hazel says she’s lost her painkillers and Adam thinks Holly’s nicked them. She hasn’t, Hazel finds them, but one thing’s clear: Adam doesn’t trust Holly at all. Is he being too harsh?

Val has discovered that runaway Amy is her ghost and Pollard has told the girl to go straight back to the foster parents she says treat her badly. Unaccustomed as she is to caring about anyone but herself, Val’s surprised to find she cares about Amy and wonders if the girl is telling the truth.

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