Chas makes hay with farmer John! (VIDEO)

With his family in tatters, the one thing on farmer John’s mind appears to be Chas. He whisks her up to the farmhouse while Moira’s curled up in a ball at Marlon’s house, defeated and distraught, and his kids are struggling to accept that their parents are getting divorced. Diane has warned Chas that John could just be looking for someone to use to get back at Moira, but Chas isn’t listening. She wants John and if he wants her he can have her!

Val wants to get away from Pollard, but her plan is falling apart. It was supposed to be her and Amy going to Portugal to visit Val’s son, Paul. Then Pollard joined the party. Now Amy thinks they would have a much better time if they went alone while she stays in Emmerdale. No! That’s not what Val wants at all!

Declan wants something (besides Katie) and Katie and Nicola have seen his application for planning permission. Nicola tells Jimmy what she’s seen and Katie tells Gennie. But what is Declan planning exactly? That’s what they don’t know…

*Second episode*

So, farmer John is hungry for Chas and she has put herself on a plate for him, but then he loses his appetite! Awkward! Chas is humiliated and upset as John explains he just can’t do it. After leading Chas upstairs to his bedroom he has to lead her straight back down again and drive her home. Moira doesn’t know any of this, though. She just knows – thanks to blabbermouth Brenda – that Chas is at the farm with John and she’s devastated. Back in the village, Moira sees Chas and slaps her – and is then gobsmacked when Chas tells her John didn’t sleep with her because he still loves Moira!

Pollard’s gobsmacked when he discovers that Val had never bought him a plane ticket to Portugal. With the game up, Val asks Pollard to persuade Amy to go to Portugal with her – and without him. Thinking it could be a good healing process for them all, Pollard does what Val wants…

Declan’s disappointed when he finds out that Katie and Nicola have been blabbing about his business, but he tells them what his plans are for: a music festival.