Chas makes some smart moves

Chas is such a mouthy mare with a fondness for thumping people that it’s easy to forget she has brains enough to earn a business degree. She reminds us, though, by putting on her wise head and being shrewd enough to turn down Cain’s offer to finance her dream of buying The Woolpack. Chas reasons that the money’s probably not legit and that he’s only making the offer because Jai wouldn’t. Smart woman. Then she turns her wise head to the Debbie/Cameron situation. Why is Debbie rejecting the man who came all the way from Jersey to be with her? Because, says Debbie, he’s married. Yes, says Chas, but he chose Debbie over his wife.

It looks like Jimmy’s going to choose Nicola over Kelly when he agrees to move back in with Nicola. Then Kelly strikes again. She phones Jimmy and tells him Carl threatened her. Now Jimmy’s angry and determined to see Kelly. But he’s stopped in his tracks when Carl tells him Kelly has suggested they were having an affair.

Hazel’s words have no impact on Jackson; she can’t sweet-talk him into being Josh’s godfather. So Aaron talks tough, accusing Jackson of turning his back on his half-brother.