Well, both Chas and Gennie have said things they wish they hadn’t so now what are they going to do? Chas moves quickly to make things right – which make things all wrong for Nikhil. She tells him they’re through, that she’s not right for him. That’s true. Nikhil was always boxing above his weight with Chas. Oh, he thought he was the man who could tame her. But he was never man enough for a Dingle woman like Chas. Now, a Dingle woman like Gennie is another matter. Except when Gennie tries to console him and tells him she loves him he laughs at her. Oh, cruel!

Aaron’s not kind to Ashley, either. He’s back working at the garage when Ashley turns up to collect his car. Ashley tries to tell Aaron he doesn’t want to see him suffer, but Aaron coldly points out that Ashley let Aaron and Hazel suffer when they needed him most. Sometimes the truth hurts…

Mia’s still hurting from Adam’s rejection and tells Moira her son has dumped her. That’s news to Moira. But a quick chat with Adam puts her fully in the picture: Ella forced Adam to break up with Mia.

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