Chas’s life is in danger

*Hour-long episode*

Chas is in a right state. She’s convinced someone is stalking her. When Emma offers to help behind the bar, despite being perfectly aware Cain is scrutinising her every move, Chas’s stress levels skyrocket. Nurse Tess is a terrible barmaid and makes more work for Chas. Down in the cellar, Chas tries to rectify a mistake and gets accidentally locked in by Emma! With fireworks going off outside during Bonfire Night, no one can hear Chas’s cries as she has another panic attack. Chas then trips and is knocked out cold as a gas canister leaks deadly fumes…

Paddy’s betrayal with Tess has taken on a whole new dimension now she’s Leo’s teaching assistant! The love-cheat vet is desperate to keep his wife Rhona away from Tess, but the inevitable soon happens. Worse still, Rhona asks Tess go for coffee! When Rhona suggests an early night, Paddy eagerly agrees taking his wife by surprise with his passion.

In hospital, Vanessa’s nervous as she sets out to breastfeed Johnny for the first time. Will she finally be able to bond with her premature son? As Carly offers her support, Vanessa confides in her about her own upbringing.