Chas says Dan’s her man!

It’s the day after what would have been an unthinkable night before just a week ago. Dan spent the night with Chas – the whole night, and they weren’t just sleeping… although you have to wonder if Chas is sleepwalking through her life right now. Later in the pub, Chas can’t take her eyes off Debbie and Cameron. When Dan appears, sure that Chas is going to have woken up and will shoot him down, she shocks him by announcing that Dan’s her boyfriend. What does Cameron think of that? Because that’s all Chas really cares about…

Val cares about Pollard. When she came back from Portugal, she thought she would be able to pick up where she left off with Pollard. But Pollard had picked up with Brenda. Val has had to fight for her man – and it looks like she’s winning. Amy’s mum, Kerry, has thrown a spanner in the workings of Brenda’s romance with Pollard. Amy needs Val and Pollard’s support and Val makes sure she’s there, which is why she’s sitting next to Pollard at Kerry’s lunch. Brenda’s furious and tells Val to leave, thinking Pollard will support her – but he doesn’t.

Laurel knows she has to tell Ashley about her relationship with Marlon before Paddy does. She just has to work out how to drop that bomb without causing major damage.