Chas sees Aaron’s pain up close! (VIDEO)

Aaron still feels like he murdered Jackson and he wants to punish himself for that. Battering a punchbag until his hands bled was his twisted way of making himself suffer and, when the punchbag wasn’t enough, he started cutting himself, too. No one knew. Oh, Chas and Hazel and Paddy – they all knew he wasn’t himself, but they didn’t know just how tortured he was. Until now. Chas sees a shirt of Aaron’s with blood all over it and, desperately worried, she confronts her son.

John doesn’t have the energy for confrontations, not even when he finds out Andy has gone to work for Declan. He’s shocked, but he understands; Andy needs the money. Unfortunately, Andy also needs his 4×4 back, which is another blow for John. Declan is crouched and ready to pounce on Butler’s Farm, but John isn’t ready to surrender and Moira is still supporting him – just.

Laurel would love to be able to support Marlon’s friendship with Rachel, but the little green monster inside her won’t allow that. She really doesn’t like it when Marlon and Rachel tease each other and can’t hide her feelings.

*Second episode*

So Aaron has let Chas see his self-inflicted wounds and now she can really see just how much Aaron is hurting. He has to hurt; he has to bleed; the pain he puts his body through is the only way he can live with what he did to Jackson. And he’s not going to stop, even though Chas knows. Aaron is perfectly clear about that – calm and clear. And that scares Chas more than anything. Unable to cope with the awful truth about her son she turns to Paddy for support.

Moira has done her best to support farmer John but she’s worried that his burning ambition to turn Butler’s Farm into a goldmine will end up with their home and business going up in smoke. Still, she does the honourable thing and tells him Declan wants the farm. She also says she doesn’t think they should sell – but she’s talking with her heart not her head and John knows that.

David knows Alicia is dating Carl and tells Andy, just so he doesn’t get any nasty shocks. But Andy acts as if he doesn’t care. The thing is, Andy’s not a very good actor.