Chas tells Cameron she’ll stay in Emmerdale and marry him – then all hell breaks loose. Cain goes to see Chas and tells her she can’t stay in Emmerdale; Debbie can’t get over what Chas and Cameron have done to her and if they don’t leave, Debbie will – and Cain won’t let that happen. Cameron’s determined to stay, though – and goes to tell Cain that. They start knocking chunks out of each other, but it’s Chas who’s knocked down as she tries to stop them. Cain turns to make sure she’s OK and Cameron grabs a wrench… He’s going to crack Cain over the head, the way he killed Carl! But Chas shouts a warning to Cain just in time. She’s saved Cain – and now she’s wondering just what sort of man she has agreed to marry.

Declan’s wondering just what sort of woman he’s married. Katie hasn’t even told him that Gennie wants her to be godmother to Molly (it was going to be Chas but the rest of the Dingles don’t want that). Why? Because Katie doesn’t want the job…

Moira’s wondering – yet again – about getting involved with Cain. She likes a bit of excitement – but she doesn’t like seeing just how much Cain hates Cameron.