Chas thinks the police can help her reconcile with Aaron (seriously!)… She knows Aaron used Paddy as a punchbag and calls the law, thinking they’ll find out why he did it and she’ll be able to offer her son support. But Paddy tells the police Aaron’s innocent.

Then he tells Chas to keep away from Aaron – who, understandably, goes ballistic when he finds out what his loving mum did. Aaron’s problems don’t end there, either… Pearl and Jamie gossip about Paddy’s injuries and soon everyone’s talking about poor Paddy.

Ashley is another tormented soul. Laurel has noticed the dark cloud hovering over Ashley’s usually sunny disposition but he won’t tell her what’s making him so unhappy. Even Sandy – whose attention is usually focused on a drink in The Woolpack – has noticed something’s wrong and encourages Laurel to tackle Ashley again. But can he confess that psycho Sally got the better of him?

Unemployed and under pressure at home, Holly is struggling, too. Hannah suggests she asks for work in Viv’s little empire. Trouble is, there’s that tricky question to answer: ‘Why did you leave your last job?’ Can you just imagine the fun Viv would have with the answer: ‘I was fired for doing drugs with the boss’s daughter?’

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