OK, in all fairness to Chas, giving Cameron some shifts behind the bar at The Woolpack wasn’t her idea, it was Diane’s. But Chas could have knocked the idea on the head. Instead, she acts as if she’s had a knock on the head when she tells Cameron she’s sure they can work together without any hanky-panky. As if! He’s barely pulled his first pint before Chas is pulling him into her arms and snogging his face off! Not in front of all the punters, of course. They do their romping in the kitchen and it’s clear their appetite for each other is as big as ever.

Rachel’s appetite for the truth about Sandy is as big as ever and she knows something’s wrong when she overhears Laurel telling Bob that Sandy’s sick. Rachel goes to see Sandy – and sees what Laurel is covering up. Sandy turned the other cheek when Ashley bullied him and now the poor old fellow has a massive bruise on his face. But still Sandy won’t say anything against his son.

Declan’s not saying anything, either, to Megan about how he has started hunting for her son – and Katie thinks that’s a big mistake.