Waking up with a knife beside her, Chas is terrified and has no recollection of sleep-walking into the kitchen the night before and bringing it up to the bedroom herself! Instead, she decides it’s part of Emma’s campaign against her. Cain’s not sure what to believe, but, acting on her sister’s behalf he offers to sit watch on Emma’s house with her son Aaron, to make sure jumpy Chas comes to no harm.

Back at the pub, nervous Chas is shutting up shop. Taking a knife up to the bedroom for protection, she settles in for the night. But when Diane stumbles in, a bit drunk and making a racket, Chas jolts out of bed. Going downstairs, in the dark, Chas assumes Diane is an intruder and stabs her! When Chas realises the ‘intruder’ was, in fact, Diane, who’s seriously wounded and bleeding, she’s utterly horrified.

The truth comes out about Nicola’s return from Dubai when Laurel lets slip she was arrested for public indecency!