Feeling terrible about stabbing Diane, having mistaken her for an intruder, Chas is wracked with guilt. But a visit to see Diane in hospital is an utter disaster. Neither Diane nor Victoria are ready to forgive Chas and instead, she gets kicked out.

Back at the farm, lonely, troubled Chas drifts off to sleep. Later, when she wakes, Chas is horrified to see Robert standing before her! But as a dark patch of blood grows on his chest, it becomes clear the troubled barmaid is imagining the whole thing!

Meanwhile, Diane’s nightmare goes from bad to worse as she learns she has an aggressive cancer and needs surgery immediately, which will be followed by chemo. She’s not sure she can go through it all for a second time.

In court, Robert takes to the stand, having been begged by Lachlan to help Chrissie’s cause over her part in the fatal helicopter crash.

David worries about Pollard, who’s fixated on seeing Chrissie getting her comeuppance for Val’s death.