Chas takes drastic action!

It’s a new day but nothing has changed for Aaron. He won’t talk to Chas – except to make it clear to them both that he is going to continue to hurt himself. In front of Aaron, a desperate Chas takes a knife and says she’s going to cut herself to try to understand what he’s doing. Aaron stops her but he can’t promise that he can stop himself.

Alex has promised Victoria that he’ll stay in the village, even though he has no job and no money. So, how’s he going to manage that? Andy would like to know, as he needs Alex’s share of the rent. But Alex has no intention of paying rent. His plan is to squat in Brook Cottage – with Victoria! He gets them into the property but Victoria’s not sure she’s staying…

Charity’s not sure what Jai’s been up to while he’s been visiting his parents. And when he gets back she’s still not sure. One thing’s clear, though: Jai still isn’t ready to let her meet Mum and Dad. Nikhil thinks this is because Jai hasn’t told Mum and Dad that he’s getting married – and he certainly hasn’t told them about the Dingle clan that he will be marrying into!