Still upset by Chas’s behaviour, Aaron doesn’t want to see his mum when she pays a visit to the Dingle homestead. And Zak also leaves Chas in no doubt about how badly he thinks she has behaved towards her son and Paddy. Wounded by the strength of her family’s hurt and disappointment Chas decides she needs to get out of Emmerdale and joins Carl on a haulage trip to Italy, which pleases Nicola and Jimmy.

Another Dingle in trouble is Eli, who gets caught with his hand in the candy jar while at work in the sweet factory. Surprisingly, he’s not sacked. Even more surprisingly, Priya steals sweets for him, knowing that her brothers won’t punish her. So, she drinks, runs riot, steals and doesn’t like responsibility… Has Eli finally found the perfect woman? Jamie certainly hasn’t and, when a heartbroken Gennie tries to talk to him, he makes it clear that they have no future together.

Elsewhere, Faye continues to play games with Cain but she’s really punching above her weight. And when Cain discovers just how far Faye’s prepared to go to make Mark jealous he has a very nasty surprise in store for her that leaves her reeling.

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