Social insecurity is a genetic flaw of the Dingles and it means that they’re not very good at playing nice with people. Some suffer worse than others, but none suffer more than Cain. His nastiness the night before has upset Moira; he knew it was the anniversary of John’s death yet he still kicked off. So, Chas thinks it’s time to have a word with her brother and forces him out of the The Woolpack. Chas is angry not scared – but Cameron and Zak are afraid for her. Cain hasn’t forgiven her for what she did to Debbie.

Debbie’s worried about Belle… The young teenager is suddenly boy crazy and has set her sights on Thomas. Yes! Carl’s teenage son, who has been nothing but trouble since he terrorised Chas! But Belle’s a Dingle lass and Dingle lasses go for bad lads, it’s another genetic flaw. The thing is, Sean fancies Belle (again) so the two young bucks could lock horns…

Rachel fancies Sam but it looks like he’s not interested – and it looks like their friendship is a casualty of her hopes for romance.