Chas tells Cameron to get out!

Debbie’s out of hospital and her unborn baby’s fine. Phew! But Cameron’s feeling very queasy. Debbie wants to know why he lets Cain get to him. Cameron can’t tell Debbie the truth so he acts hurt and storms out, claiming Debbie doesn’t trust him. He heads to The Woolpack, where he faces another storm: Chas. Her anger erupts when Cameron tells her he’s not sure he can leave Debbie. OK, then, says Chas, if Cameron can’t leave Debbie he’ll have to leave her – and he does.

Laurel has left Ashley and he has fallen apart. His world started crumbling when Laurel had a near-affair with Marlon six months ago. Fear and anger grew in Ashley and he blamed his father for everything going wrong and hit him. Laurel rejected him, the church rejected him and most of the villagers rejected him. Now he’s on the streets and, ironically, it’s Marlon who offers to help find him.

Charity has offered Lisa help to escape the jaws of the loan sharks and comes up with 2000 pounds. That’s not what they want – they want much more – but Charity tells them that’s all they’re getting.