*Hour-long episode*

In the Woolie, Chas panics as she tries to stem Diane’s bleeding, having stabbed her in the stomach with a knife thinking she was an intruder! Her friend is unconscious and Chas can’t believe what she’s done. Getting hold of Cain and Aaron, Chas scarpers as soon as they arrive to take over with Diane. But when Cain follows his sister, he soon realises she’s struggling with a panic attack.

As the paramedics arrive and cart Diane off to hospital, where she’s immediately rushed off to theatre for surgery, the police come looking for Chas. Aaron manages to fob them off, but once the detectives have gone he tells Zak and Lisa that Chas stabbed Diane. Soon, Cain arrives with his blood-stained sister, who’s in a real state. But despite Cain’s plans to get Chas out of the country ASAP, his sister has other ideas and hands herself into the police!

Meanwhile, unaware Chas was responsible for the attack on Diane, Robert approaches his brother who’s taken aback by Robert’s suggestion that they team up to murder whoever was responsible. Emma and James, too, have no idea Chas was behind the attack. Concerned for her, they feel terrible for doubting Chas’s belief she had a stalker.