Chas thinks she’s pregnant!

Excited about his plan to propose to Emma, James Barton is out in his car practising what he plans to say. Not paying enough attention to driving, he accidentally clips Chas, who’s stepped out into the road! Taking Chas into hospital, James is stunned when a nurse asks the barmaid if there’s a chance she could be pregnant – and she says ‘yes’! Later, back in the village, Chas expands on her problem, telling her ex that if she is pregnant, it’s Gordon’s baby. James is with Chas as she does a test, crying tears of relief when it comes up negative. James then shares a confidence of his own – he’s going to propose to Emma!

Meanwhile, in the Woolie, Emma is waiting for James to arrive, as arranged. When James texts her to cancel, Finn then mentions he saw his dad with Chas. When Emma finds Chas’s pregnancy test in the bin, Emma’s a woman on the warpath…

Tracy has a word with Jacob and tries to make him see cancer patient David needs him to act normally around him. Finally understanding the situation, Jacob shows his support for David by shaving his head, giving the shopkeeper confidence to do his, too.