Chas upsets Gennie

Gennie feels bad about snubbing Shadrach and explains to Paddy that she didn’t acknowledge him because her adoptive mum Brenda has no idea she is in contact with her biological father. Just as Paddy is about to respond, Chas walks in and has a go at Gennie for denying their father, and makes it clear Shadrach would be better off without her. Chas feels bad when Paddy butts in and reveals the true reason for Gennie’s reluctance to say hello.

Laurel is on edge after Hilary’s departure and she confides in Ashley. When Laurel overhears Val talking about her in the Woolpack she gets paranoid and confronts her. Val admits that she has heard rumours that Laurel and Ashley are not Daniel’s parents and the couple are mortified that gossip about the baby swap seems to have spread round the village.

Donna tells a frustrated Viv that there is still no news on Freddie. Viv tells her daughter that if the police can’t get their act together to find the conman, then she will have to start the search herself.

Also, Ashley files for custody of Arthur, which will force Mel to bring Arthur back for a DNA test; Nicola quits her cleaning job.