With the case against Gordon getting nowhere, Chas feels helpless and is furious that her ex looks like he might get away with abusing their son. Deciding to take action to expose Gordon, Chas spray-paints his car to make sure his neighbours know what kind of man is living in the area. But when Robert finds the barmaid vandalising Gordon’s car he’s livid with her for potentially jeopardising Aaron’s case against Gordon and warns her they need to play a clever game if they want to catch Gordon out.

With Kirin still AWOL following his drunken hit-and-run, which ended up killing Tess, Rakesh is feeling the pressure. When he receives a letter from his son, Priya helps him get rid of it – but she’s uneasy when she later hears the lawyer lying to the police, who have found Kirin’s burned-out car.

Meanwhile, Paddy continues to be eaten up by the death of his lover, Tess, much to Rhona’s upset. Paddy is convinced Kirin’s disappearance proves he was Tess’s killer, but when Rhona hears his theory she forbids her husband from telling the police.