Chas wakes up next to a corpse!

Chas wakes up in the morning next to her conquest Colin, but she’s horrified when it’s clear that he’s died in the night! A panicky Chas calls Lexi, who suggests that they make a run for it, and they flee to the village. Chas is later questioned by the police as the room was booked in her name, but when she finds out that Colin’s wallet is missing, she angrily realises that Lexi is the culprit.

Rosemary escorts an emotional Perdy out of the house and makes her see a doctor. She’s triumphant after telling the doctor about the babygrows and the missing kitten when the doctor declares that Perdy may have a psychosis. Matthew is worried about Perdy after seeing her with Rosemary and warns her that Rosemary is not to be trusted.

Pollard finds that he’s public enemy number one after Pearl’s article about his dirty dealings over Jacob’s Fold is published in the Courier. Pollard is still refusing to give Pearl back her belongings from the house but Duke organises a walk-out at the factory. Lisa manages to liberate Pearl’s stuff behind Pollard’s back.

Also, David and Jasmine decide they’re evens after the article – and reunite.