Chas wants answers from Debbie!

Awkward! Chas gives Debbie a big smile when she sees her in the village while she’s out with Cameron – but Chas is hiding her suspicions. Gennie has told her there’s something going on between Debbie and Cameron and Chas wants to know what… But Cameron’s giving nothing away and neither is Debbie… not to Chas, anyway. When Cameron gets Debbie alone, though, she has plenty to say to him – and he’s shocked by what he hears.

Gennie hasn’t heard – or seen – enough yet to totally convince Chas that Cameron’s doing the dirty on her. Nikhil thinks she’s becoming obsessed and asks her to focus her energies on buying the B&B with him. But Gennie can’t… She needs to find out what’s going on with Cameron and Debbie behind closed doors – and she’s pretty sure she can do that by planting a recording device in Debbie’s house…

Dan and Kerry have planted the idea of a charity table football competition to raise money for Brenda’s hospital – and people like it. Now the less-than-organised couple have got to organise it, though… That means Kerry’s going to have to stay sober for long periods of time. Or Dan’s going to have to do all the work.