Chas warns Carl about Lexi

*One-hour special*

Chas discovers that Lexi wants the job as Carl‘s PA and she applies for the job herself to warn her ex that Lexi might be in cahoots with Matthew. Carl thanks her for warning him and hints that he’s got things in hand. Donald introduces his favourite candidate, but Carl announces the position has been filled, indicating Lexi, who finds herself caught between the two brothers’ feud.

Eric is shaken to discover a blackmail letter and photos of him with Rosalind. Pollard tells David about the letter and he replies that he saw Debbie nearby when he was on his way in. Pollard tells Rosalind about the blackmailer, but she refuses to give him any cash. A paranoid Pollard suspects Carl and asks David to help him break into Dale View, but he realises he’s got the wrong man and he starts to suspect David.

Hilary can’t shake the hunch that Arthur might be Laurel’s child, but feels unable to share it with anyone. She later compares a baby photo of Laurel to one of Arthur and finds the resemblance uncanny, leaving her sick to the stomach. Hilary tells a doctor of her fears, but is unsure if she’s being taken seriously.

Also, Debbie plays matchmaker with Miles and Jasmine.