Cheers! But should Rachel be drinking?

Carl’s dead and buried, but life goes on in Emmerdale. Dan’s party is the place where it’s all happening… Well, actually, not that much is happening. People are just drinking – and some more than others. Then there’s one person who shouldn’t be drinking but is: Rachel. Jai’s there and sees Rachel swigging from a can of ale. Is beer good for the baby? That’s what Jai wonders as he glares at Rachel. But he holds his tongue when he hears Sam talking to her about her baby’s father and how she seems sad all the time. Awwww. Sam’s a good man. He could be good for Rachel…

Nicola thinks what would be good for her family is for Jimmy to stand up to Charity. So Jimmy says he’ll do it. He’ll tell Charity he’s not giving up the haulage business and she’ll have to like that or get out. Yay! But Jimmy’s heart isn’t in the fight and Charity can see that. Jimmy ends up going home and telling Nicola he wants out of the business. He’s had enough. Nicola understands, but she’s still worried.

Lizzie’s worried about Dan coming on to her. Oh, she likes him and she has tarted herself up for his party. But when Dan takes Lizzie home she keeps him at arm’s length. She doesn’t want to be his rebound relationship.