Chelsea catches Lucas out

Jordan wants Lucas to take him to the funeral home to see if Trina has his bracelet on. Lucas retrieves the bracelet from its hiding place, planning to replace it on Trina’s wrist. Lucas makes Jordan wait outside the funeral home, but his plan is thwarted when he’s denied access to Trina’s body. Later, Lucas is clearing out is backpack when Trina’s bracelet falls to the floor. Chelsea walks in and recognises it and demands to know why Lucas has it.

Roxy repeats her ultimatum to Ronnie, but Ronnie thinks she’s going to ruin things between her and Joel. Roxy tells Christian that Ronnie is trying to trick Joel into getting her pregnant. Sam overhears and advises Roxy to keep out of her sister’s business. Roxy tells Ronnie she’ll forget what she saw.

Stacey is in the Vic, but when she sees Ryan she gets panicky and leaves. Ryan chases Stacey but she tells him to stay away or she’ll call the police. Jean discovers that Stacey has lied about going to a doctor’s appointment. Stacey tells Jean she’s terrified of Ryan as she thinks he killed Trina.

Also, Pat tries to set Patrick up with Liz; Peggy gets a visit from the London Mayor, Boris Johnson!

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