Chelsea has a Wild West birthday

Chelsea has an unwelcome surprise on her birthday when she reads the Gazette and discovers her family have put in a birthday notice with a picture of her as a little girl dressed in a cowgirl outfit! Chelsea cheers up when Roxy throws a Wild West-themed party for her at the Vic, but she’s left disappointed when the sexy DJ flirts with Roxy instead of her and Danny brushes her off when she tries to kiss him.

Phil questions Ben about torturing Louise, but Ben insists he’s innocent. Phil worries that if social services see the burn on Louise’s arm they will take both of his kids away. Phil hits the bottle and confides in Shirley he’s worried that Ben is repeating Stella’s bullying behaviour. Phil suspects Ben of planning another assault on Louise and lashes out at him. Shirley is shocked.

Ronnie finds Danny’s phone and is suspicious when Danny grabs it back in a panic. Danny returns to the flat and starts packing but is interrupted by a suspicious Ronnie. Danny calls Glenda and tells her they need to delay their plan as Ronnie may be on to him.

Also, Syed meets up with a man who claims he can ‘cure’ him of loving Christian.

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