Chelsea leaves the Square

Chelsea is shocked when she discovers that Ellis was beaten up by a mystery attacker. Lucas confronts Chelsea again and tells her he knows she took drugs and refuses to believe her denial. Chelsea is furious that Denise and Lucas insist on thinking the worst and leaves a goodbye note, then leaves the Square with Ellis.

Tanya asks after Stacey, but Jean insists that ‘the doctor’ has given her the all-clear. Tanya mentions Stacey to Dr Jenkins, but he looks confused. Jean approaches Dr Jenkins to talk to him about Stacey and is furious that Tanya has already mentioned her. Jean gets home to find Stacey watching old home movies of her and Bradley and she tells her daughter that she has to start talking to her.

Ronnie invites Peggy and a visiting Aunt Sal for dinner to apologise to Peggy for the embarrassing incident the day before. Ronnie reveals that she wants to start a family with Jack, but Aunt Sal can’t resist winding her up about Roxy and Amy. Ronnie pops out to check on something at R&R and Peggy and Aunt Sal snoop around the flat and find an engagement ring!

Also, Whitney has her first day at the car lot; Christian clashes with Zainab.