Chelsea loses the CCTV tape!

Deano convinces Chelsea that they need to tell the truth about Sean and Chelsea agrees to post the CCTV tape anonymously to the police to get them all off the hook. Chelsea panics when her bag is snatched on the way to the post box and the tape goes missing with it. Gus finds her discarded bag and hands it back to Kevin, who finds the tape. Thinking it’s a movie, he puts it on and he’s stunned when he sees Patrick’s real attacker…

Lucy is angry when Ian reveals that he wants to send her to boarding school in a bid to improve her behaviour. Her mystery internet correspondent writes that she ‘won’t have to wait much longer’. Lucy goes to the boarding school interview with Ian and Jane and she’s not offered a place but promises to behave from now on. Lucy meets up with someone in the park – Craig is back!

Peggy is stressed as she’s returned to Walford without Phil, who has gone missing. Roxy and Ronnie try to cheer her up and Peggy is grudgingly impressed with their efforts running the Vic. Peggy decides that she’d like the girls to stay on a little longer and help her out.

Also, Libby gets her exam results.

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