Cherry and Jimmi get hitched!

It’s Cherry and Jimmi’s big day, but Cherry can’t get the stains from yesterday off her dress. To help, Paula comes up with an idea and gives Cherry her grandmother’s wedding dress from the 50s. Cherry looks stunning.

Meanwhile, at St Phil’s, it’s far from a happy time for Zara and Daniel, who have been been anxiously watching their premature son all night. Jimmi visits and tries to reassure the couple, who are struggling to cope.

As the guests arrive to see Jimmi and Cherry get married, Freya checks out bridesmaid Mandy, while Karen wells up at Imogen in her bridesmaid’s dress. Heston’s looks at Marina. As Jimmi and Cherry kiss, the guests cheer loudly.

At St Phil’s, Daniel receives a call from Joe in the USA, Zara tells her baby how much he means to her as she fights back the tears. Zara likes the name Joseph and, with Daniel in agreement, the two watch over baby Joe, waiting for the prognosis from the consultant.

At the reception, Julia and Elaine swap Marina and Heston’s place cards, so they’re sat together, and it’s clear they long for each other. As Freya and Mandy play ‘snog, marry, avoid’, Mandy tells Freya a date’s still on offer…

That is until best man Franklyn reveals in his drunken speech that Freya slept with Kevin, who has her name tattooed on his bum. Mandy’s not impressed! Meanwhile, Heston tells Marina he misses her; Marina feels the same and they embrace.

As Jimmi and Cherry enjoy their first dance they receive a call from Daniel; Joe’s going to be OK. Jimmi picks up his new wife in joy.