Cherry and Scott are all loved-up

After spending the night together, Scott drives Cherry to work and when Daniel spots the loved-up couple kissing in the car park, he tells Jimmi that he thinks he knows Scott from somewhere and doesn’t think he’s right for Cherry. Later, Cherry worries that Daniel might recognise Scott from his time in prison or as an escort.

Meanwhile, Lily and Heston are still reeling from Christine’s request to take Steven in if she dies. The day’s events have a huge impact on Lily and, when she gets home, she suggests to Heston that they should consider offering Steven a home. But Heston isn’t feeling so benevolent – he’s furious and refuses to let Christine draw them into her trap.

Young Tami Hanson is looking after both her sick mum Lynn and sister Carly, who is HIV positive. Lily reassures Tami she’ll do all she can to ensure the family isn’t split up – but when social services arrive it looks like Lily will struggle to keep her promise…