Cherry arrives for work beaming and Karen susses straight away that she’s met someone. Cherry isn’t sure Scott’s going to call but, when he does, an eager Cherry asks if he’d like to meet that afternoon. Scott is just as keen and promises Cherry a first date with a difference.

Scott is fantastic, fun and full of enthusiasm and Cherry loves it that he doesn’t take life too seriously. She’s impressed that he’s an international wine merchant, and Cherry’s heart skips a beat when, at the end of the day, Scott gives her a kiss.

Heston tries to cheer up everyone at The Mill with a French themed day but his own mood takes a turn for the worse when an old friend Christine turns up. A shocked Heston quietly and coldly tells her to leave but when she insists they talk Heston loses it and shouts at her to get out! Daniel, Jimmi and Karen are astonished to see such hatred from Heston.

Also, a woman asks Karen for help when her surrogate son’s long-lost brother appears.

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