Simon tries to extract gossip from Cherry about her date with Jimmi; she confesses that she may not be able to cope with his OCD and claustrophobia – or his penchant for older women.

Later, Cherry tells Jimmi she’s free to meet up next week and then plots with Simon to devise a test over the weekend to see if she can cope with Jimmi’s quirks.

Elaine is beside herself with excitement at the prospect of a countryside cottage with Paul. That is, until she discovers that their ‘dream’ home has already been sold. The truth suddenly becomes clear: Paul lied to keep her happy and prevent her from leaving.

After confronting Paul, Elaine decides that she can no longer tolerate being the other woman in his life. She loves him, apparently, but it’s time to move on. To Heston’s delight, Elaine agrees to join the practice and open a new chapter in her life… away from Paul.

Elsewhere, a teenage girl rebels against her mother’s strange way of dealing with the absence of her father and Julia tries to help the mother.

Also, Julia finds herself suffering increasing moments of forgetfulness that make her over-sensitive to the other staff members’ jokes.

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