Cherry and Zara’s dinner disaster!

Cherry is panicking over the dinner party and asks Jimmi if he’s ever held a dinner party before. He cagily says ‘yes’ and Cherry knows he means with Eva.

Cherry dismisses a foolproof starter recipe when she sees it belongs to Eva. Heston claims to have an ‘easy’ recipe – but Cherry discovers it’s anything but!

Back at The Mill, it’s suggested that Zara makes a dessert! Annoyed Zara spots Mrs Tembe’s sumptuous banana pudding and offers to buy it but wise Mrs Tembe offers to teach her how to make it. At Zara’s house, Mrs Tembe turns into Nigella Lawson, while Zara sits reading a magazine!

Jimmi arrives home to find the house spotless and Cherry looking prepared and when Zara and Daniel arrive, it’s compliments all round. Things seem to be going well until Cherry mentions Daniel’s upcoming 40th – a touchy subject – and Zara suggests a game of truth or dare.

Jimmi confesses his worst fear is dirt while Daniel’s is being a bad father to Izzie. Cherry asks Zara if she’s in love with Daniel but, to his annoyance, Zara dodges the question and chooses a dare! Zara confesses that Mrs Tembe made the banana pudding and Daniel’s annoyed.

They continue the game much more tipsy now; Cherry asks Jimmi if he loved Eva more than her abnd Jimmi is shocked. Jimmi suggests that he and Cherry get their own place which delights her but Daniel highlights the downsides of trying to sell. At the end of the night, Zara and Daniel leave for home not speaking and Daniel tells her he’d rather spend the weekend alone with Izzie.

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