As if stressing about Jack and Imogen’s pending exam results wasn’t enough for Karen, she’s horrified when Imogen turns up at the Campus with her lip pierced. As the piercing is slightly inflamed, Michelle offers to clean it up – but Cherry is forced to take over when Michelle starts behaving erratically.

Imogen notices Michelle take her bag into the loo and when Michelle catches Cherry looking in her bag – supposedly for tampons – she reacts furiously. Later, Cherry returns to the Campus to pick up something and spots Michelle shoving a bottle she’s just taken a swig from into her bag. Shocked, Cherry flees without saying anything to Michelle.

Later, Imogen impresses Julia, who offers her some work experience. But when Karen says she thinks Imogen is only being helpful to try and soften the blow of her exam results, Imogen is upset that Karen assumes she’s going to fail.

Also, Simon tries to help an old friend whose partner has left him for a woman!

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