Cherry comes to Heston’s rescue

Heston’s surgeon friends Ravi and Hugo arrive at The Mill and are rude about General Practice. Cherry overhears them pitying Heston for his lack of love life and when they suggest to Heston that he can’t manage his upcoming soiree alone Cherry declares she’s his girlfriend. Heston is furious until he learns that Ravi and Hugo were impressed by his prowess.

But he swiftly tells Cherry she has a lot of prepping to do if they are to throw the best soiree ever!

Zara and Jimmi both insist Daniel apologise to Julia after accusing her of writing him a bad reference. When Daniel tells Julia he’s sincerely sorry, she apologises herself for treating him badly over the partnership. Later, when Julia offers Daniel the restrictive partnership deal again, he’s thrilled – but Julia is left wondering if she’s just made a big mistake…

Also, as a young girl goes to Zara for help, convinced her elderly aunt is going mad, an intruder gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into the aunt’s house…

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