At The Mill, Jimmi’s behaviour is upsetting Cherry, who confides in Freya that she feels he doesn’t take her seriously. Freya assumes it’s because of how she looks and says her old housemate left some stuff behind that she could try on.

Cherry goes to see Jimmi and tries to act more seriously, but Jimmi finds it odd so she refuses lunch and meets Freya instead. Cherry opens up the suitcase of clothes with Freya and decides to say goodbye to Princess Bubblegum.

When she goes to see Jimmi, he’s baffled by her appearance and starts to laugh. Upset, Cherry says she doesn’t know what else to do and Jimmi says they’re fine as they are. Cherry pushes him away, saying: ‘No, we’re not!’

Also, Zara struggles to offer objective advice to a young couple at the biggest moment of their lives.