Cherry falls for Mrs Tembe’s trick

At The Mill, Cherry moans that Jimmi won’t take her to a music festival. Later, Cherry and Mrs Tembe discuss the power of faith and Mrs Tembe says her father was recognised as a powerful shaman who could fulfil people’s desires using a Jalaha – a wish pot. Cherry discusses this with a sceptical Heston and Elaine and realises it’s ridiculous – but minutes later is outside holding up a kidney dish to the sky chanting.

Later, Jimmi returns with two tickets for the festival, which astounds Cherry, Heston and Elaine. Jimmi says he asked Mrs Tembe to order them for him this morning – as long as they stay in a nice hotel. Mrs Tembe chuckles having wound them all up.

Daniel has a meeting with Simon about a mutual patient and subtly asks what Zara said when they got drunk on Friday night. Daniel is shocked to learn that Simon has decided to leave. He gets angry and tells Simon he shouldn’t be throwing his career away!

Before evening surgery, Daniel apologises but Simon says he’s transparent – Daniel was just trying to find out if Zara said anything about him. Daniel retorts that Simon has no backbone and maybe it’s best he goes before he drags down everyone else! A stunned Cherry sees this and tears into Daniel, pointing out that Simon tried to kill himself six weeks ago. She leaves Daniel feeling wretched.

Meanwhile, Zara has her hands full when her formerly saintly cousin comes to stay.

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