Cherry tells Simon that she has decided that she needs to get over Jimmi, but it seems that she still needs to convince herself. At The Mill, Cherry hides under the desk when the glamorous Una Philips arrives, and Karen lies to cover her.

Cherry explains that Una is the awful mother of a lovely ex-boyfriend called Billy. But Una soon returns and invites Cherry to lunch. When Simon hears that Billy looked like Jude Law, he convinces Cherry to meet Una.

Una tells Cherry how none of Billy’s girlfriends have measured up to her but, when Una leaves the table, Cherry sneakily calls Billy. Cherry then confronts Una – Billy has a girlfriend that Una is trying to replace!

When Una explains that Lauren has a new job in Cardiff and is going to take Billy away, Cherry tells Una she’s still a mean old woman!

Simon says at least Cherry knows that Billy’s not the one – but it’s clear to him that Jimmi’s still firmly on her mind.

Also, after a chance encounter with a teenage girl and a baby pushchair, Simon finds himself in a race against time.

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