Anxious not to leave Cherry alone when he goes to work, Simon calls in reinforcements – Karen and Immie. Cherry becomes upset and admits she’s worried about Scott’s funeral the next day; she doesn’t know who he is – the kind, loving boyfriend or the criminal drug dealer.

Cherry tries to think about what she actually knew about Scott, he liked kites and loved his mum, he was devastated when she died – she decides she will go to the funeral. But later she receives a phone call from someone claiming to be Scott’s mother!

At the Campus, Heston catches Ruth looking at rental properties on the internet – excited he offers to help her flat hunt! Later, Ruth admits that she’s worried about living alone again, but both Lily and Heston reassure her. Heston feels there is no harm in looking!

When Michelle agrees to accompany her old school friend Ava to her mother’s memorial get-together she is shocked to find Ava’s dad kissing another woman – should she tell her friend?

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