In a bad mood after a row with Jimmi, Cherry takes pity on Titch, a homeless girl coughing and begging, but Titch is defensive and rude. Cherry’s helping out with a Health Screening Programme at a homeless hostel and is surprised when Titch walks in. Cherry tells her she needs to see a doctor as she’s had a positive reaction to the Mantoux Test for TB. Titch flees, taking Cherry’s mobile phone with her. Cherry chases her and a Police Officer arrests Titch.

At the station, Jimmi’s preparations for his proposal to Cherry are interrupted by Titch. Cherry urges Titch to get help but she refuses but when she coughs up blood she’s scared. Cherry reassures her and argues with Jimmi over the next step to take. When Rob comes to interview Titch, Cherry says there was a misunderstanding and she had actually lent her the phone.

Free to go, Titch lets her guard down and says her real name is Emily and that she’ll think about treatment. Titch leaves, but not before stealing a man’s expensive phone. Jimmi puts an arm around Cherry but she shrugs him off, unforgiven. Jimmi makes a call to upgrade the violinist to a string quartet…

Also, the presence of a right-wing leader in Letherbridge causes consternation for Mrs Tembe when The Mill cleaner reveals a connection.

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