Zara refuses to allow Jed to spend the day ‘pottering’ so she makes him a list of things to do. Later, Cherry overhears Zara talking to Jed who has burnt his hand while ironing and, seeing how stressed she is, Cherry offers to pop over and take a look.

Jed confides in Cherry that he thinks he should be standing on his own two feet and is aware that everything he does annoys Zara. When Zara arrives home and is visibly put out that Jed has asked Cherry to stay for dinner, Jed has an early night. Zara is shocked when Cherry suggests that Jed needs to move out and be on his own.

Jack and Karen arrive at The Mill and Jack steps in to give her support in the face of Charlie’s snide comments. Unseen, Julia overhears Karen telling Heston she is resuming her normal duties. Later in his office, Heston gives Karen a brown envelope of cash, but when he reveals Julia knows nothing about it she refuses to accept it.

Also, Jimmi and Rob meet a man who refuses to remove his black leather gloves.

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