Cherry interferes in Simon’s love life

Cherry has decided to set Simon up with a friend’s cousin, Todd, and plots to get Todd an appointment with Simon. Todd catches Simon’s eye in the waiting room, and again during the appointment when he reveals his toned body while his fake shoulder injury is examined. After much flirting, the pair exchange cards and discuss going out on a date.

Simon tells Cherry the good news, but her reaction gives away that the whole thing was a set-up. When Simon says that going on the date would be in breach of his code of practice, Cherry tells Michelle how much she’s messed up with Simon.

Daniel buys a chocolate eclair as a special treat for Julia, positions it perfectly on her desk, then aimlessly flicks through some of her paperwork. When Julia walks in to see what looks like Daniel snooping, she promptly sends him packing.

Also, Rob gets on the case when a window cleaner is accused of stealing. But he soon realises it’s his accuser who’s far from whiter than white.

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