Cherry is questioned!

Rob urges DI Lucas to go easy on Cherry, but she reveals she’s under pressure from her bosses to crack the case, and is convinced Cherry holds the key. Cherry protests her innocence, and tells DI Lucas all she knows about Scott’s work and family. DI Lucas shows Cherry evidence including a delivery note for a package containing drugs she signed for that seems to incriminate her.

Cherry is violently sick and DI Lucas realises she doesn’t have enough evidence against Cherry and is forced to bail her. Rob leads a tearful Cherry out of the station as a frustrated DI Lucas watches them.

Michelle tries to get the gossip from Lily on why she came back early from her holiday when Heston arrives festooned with presents for everyone.

Zara arrives at work and Ruth comments that she looks like the cat that got the cream but Zara remains tight lipped. She has another secret liaison with Jack.

Also, Simon helps a musically gifted teenager and the boy who’s been bullying him to find some common ground.

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