Cherry is wary of Eva

Cherry is anxious about bumping into Eva and Jimmi at the Harcourt debrief. At the police station, Eva and Jimmi greet each other awkwardly and when Eva is summoned, Cherry is left alone with Jimmi. When Jimmi is called, awkward Cherry is alone with Eva and they soon find some common ground. Jimmi sees them talking – how will he choose? With advice from Daniel, Jimmi’s on the verge of deciding then he gets a phone call…

Lauren is once again torturing Kevin, but when she takes it a step too far it’s Cherry that points out maybe she should tell him how she feels before it’s too late.

Later that evening, Lauren’s preening herself for a visitor and as Kevin jumps in his car, her door bell rings. Kevin meets Daniel and Jimmi at The Icon, so who is Lauren’s late-night visitor?