Simon’s feeling guilty that Cherry had an awful time on holiday and wants to make it up to her – but she’s not sold on his idea of the Gauguin exhibition, or bowling, a night in, or seeing a film. Eventually he convinces her to go to a new nightclub and they arrive to find lots of men and very few women. Simon is confused until Cherry points out it’s a gay bar!

Cherry decides they should stay: Simon could find Mr Right and she can dance without being hassled. As Simon has little luck on the love front, Cherry gets chatting to hunky Scott and is very relaxed as she assumes he’s gay. Cherry soon realises that Scott is straight when he asks for her number, and she’s ecstatic when he gives her a peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Michelle can’t bear another minute in her hideous ankle boot and wants to dress up for a friend’s party. Daniel reluctantly agrees she can take off the boot, but must stick to flat shoes. Michelle agrees, but appears at the end of the day in a huge pair of heels pouring scorn on Daniel’s advice… that is until she falls over.

Also, Lily shows a family that passing the blame won’t help them deal with a teenager’s illness.

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