Cherry reveals all about Michelle’s drinking

Simon visits a devastated Cherry, who tells him all about Michelle’s drinking, and he insists she tells Julia. At the Mill, Michelle is still lying to Julia about what really happened with Ciaran’s injection when Cherry arrives and tells Julia that Michelle’s been drinking on the job. Julia checks Michelle’s bag for alcohol as Cherry described, but doesn’t find anything.

As Julia continues to believe Michelle, Cherry is suspended until further notice. As Simon drives Cherry away, Michelle watches from her car and takes another swig from the vodka in her glove box.

When Lily can’t make another Thursday night date, Heston decides to follow her to find out where she’s been going. At the Adult Education Centre, Lily gets changed into a red dress and enters a dance studio where she greets two men. As the music begins, Heston is enthralled as he secretly watches Lily dance Flamenco!

Also, Rob discovers that a self-proclaimed ‘white witch’ could hold the key to solving a crime!

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